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1967, Me, in the back yard of my parents' home in Troy, New York. I painted myself black at age two when left unattended.


Born in Wellsville, NY, February 21, 1964, the 10th child in a family of 12. My father, a physician, moved the family to Troy, NY in 1966, when I was two years old, where I was raised. After graduating from Troy High School in 1982, I moved to New York City, attending School of Visual Arts evening division for Fine Art while simultaneously maintaining a dispassionate career on Wall Street each day for 12 years.


On February 26, 1993, my life of uncertainty and artistic dabblings came to a resounding conclusion while working as a liaison to the General Council on Lehman Brothers' OTC Trading Desk. Until that day, I worked running daily between offices on the 103rd floor of 2 World Trade Center and the 4th floor of American Express Tower at the World Financial Center. Our offices were literally shaken to the core by the BOOM of a terrorist bomb in the garage of the World Trade Center that afternoon.  It was then I concluded I would leave the financial industry and attempt to somehow make my way as an artist.

While finishing my studies at School of Visual Arts in Manhattan in 1994, I received a grant from Chase Manhattan Bank in 1995, to study abroad for a summer semester in Barcelona, Spain at LLOYA (School of Fine Arts). The program, which concluded in July, inspired and prompted me to give up my apartment in Manhattan and move to Prague, Czech Republic, where I lived and traveled extensively through Europe for two years.

Upon my return to the United States in January 1998, I found refuge in Hudson, New York, where I set up a painting studio in a third floor railroad flat on Warren Street, long before it was the fashionable design and antique mecca we now see in Columbia County.  My work was exhibited locally and I did a great deal of decorating, events planning, decorative painting and interior design work there.

In March 2001, six months before the second and final bombing of the World Trade Center, I had my daughter.  Suffice to say, the decisions I had made in the wake of the previous bombing, made me confident in a humans' ability to read signs, symbols and go with their intuition. These skills are the foundation of how I work as an artist.

In 2003, I bought a home in  Troy, NY, where I raised my daughter as a single mother and continued working in the Arts; exhibiting my art, teaching art classes and working as an activities/events planner, interior designer and décor consultant, until my daughter graduated from Troy High School and entered CUNY Hunter College in 2019. I then sold my home and moved to Ballston Spa, New York for two years, where I did a great deal of painting and became more involved in gardening and volunteer work in Saratoga County.

I recently, moved to Williamstown, Massachusetts, having accepted a position at Mass MoCA (Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art) to serve in its newly created role there as Visitor Experience Coordinator. 

Drawing and painting are my first love. I am exploring new work which lends itself more to the abstract understandings of our placement in the Universe.

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